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teapot workshop

updated fri 25 apr 03


Vince Pitelka on tue 15 jul 97

I have been on vacation, and am back for several weeks, and then off to do
workshops on the West Coast. I wanted to mention that there is still room
in the upcoming teapot workshop with Stephen Robison and Kathleen Guss.
They are currently artists in residence here at the Appalachian Center for
Crafts, and are extraordinary potters who work collaboratively. They do
very fine thrown-altered teapots, and I can guarantee that this workshop
will be packed with great information and experience. Email me if you have
any questions.

July 21-25
Michelle Coakes - "Working with Stacked Forms"
Stephen Robison and Kathleen Gus - "Exploring Teapots"

- Vince

Vince Pitelka -
Home 615/597-5376, work 615/597-6801, fax 615/597-6803
Appalachian Center for Crafts
1560 Craft Center Drive, Smithville TN 37166

Bacia Edelman on thu 24 apr 03

Greetings to all.
I have been off Clayart for quite a
while, but have started reading it in the Archives again.
Those who know my work, know that I make a lot of teapots.
Or not a lot, but that is what I often make when I am able
to work.
There is a wonderful teapot workshop, all teapots and
perhaps what goes with it, taught by Anne Fallis Elliot,
at the Appalachian Center for Craft, Tennessee
from July 7th to 11th.
One can check the website of the Appalachian Center
or phone them at 615-597-6801 or FAX 615-597-6803
Anne calls it a teapot intensive: teapots will be
created every day from scratch.
Her own work may be viewed on her website which is:
I would sign up if I could but I have a bacterial toe infection
and am starting 7th week on the only antibiotic I can
Regards. Bacia

Bacia Edelman Madison, Wisconsin