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teapot strainer

updated tue 30 sep 97


terry hagiwara on wed 17 sep 97

teabags? please NO.
real men do not use tea bags. "convenience" can kill your taste buds.

i do not know if and where i can get these, but there are finely meshed
stainless strainers regularly used (built-in) in many (japanese)
teapots. some of them are replacable: they are slide-in strainers. try
some of japanese grocery or gift shops, and ask for "tokoname" teapots
(of fine red/black clay, unglazed). they (contemporary ones) usually
come with these fine mesh strainers. i'm using tokoname teapots for all
sorts of leaf teas: japanese green teas, chinese teas, and english black

David Hendley on thu 18 sep 97

I sure would like to try some of those built- in stainless steel mesh
strainers that fit in the lid galley.
If someone finds a source please post it for us!

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas
See David Hendley's Pottery Page at