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teal green ^10 glaze

updated fri 28 feb 97


Lisa or Ginny on sun 16 feb 97

Hey y'all. Anyone have a nice teal green for ^10 you're willing to
Lisa Skeen
Living Tree Pottery
Greensboro, NC

Dave and Pat Eitel on mon 17 feb 97

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Hey y'all. Anyone have a nice teal green for ^10 you're willing to
>Lisa Skeen
>Living Tree Pottery
>Greensboro, NC

This is a variation of a glaze Warren MacKenzie gave our session at
Penland, called Reeve Green. I fire in in ^10 reduction. Try it over a
temmoku, too, for an interesting spotted black effect with the teal.

Custer 75
Whiting 15
Silica 5
Kaolin 5
Chrome oxide 4
Cobalt Carb 3
bentonite 3


Dave Eitel
Cedar Creek Pottery
Cedarburg, WI

Erin Hayes on mon 17 feb 97

Lisa and Ginny, we just test fired an incredibly intense blue-green
glaze we stole from CM in May 96, I think. It's in the article about
the mural. The recipe is called Grass Green, but you can vary the
Chrome to CObalt ratio to get the color you want. We got unbelievable
color but big variation in surface. To get a really tight glossy
surface it must be fired hot.

Grass Green
Whiting 27.8
EPK 11.1
Custer 27.8
Flint 33.3

Chrome Ox 3.3
Cobalt Ox 1.1

This yeilded the most intense teal I have ever seen. It's sort of a
flat color, but there are small cobalt speckles her and there. If it
doesn't fire hot it's pretty lifeless, though, so be careful. Good