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teal blue/green tourquoise ^10

updated mon 31 mar 97


Emily Henderson on wed 5 mar 97

I am redfaced. I forgot the colorants when I posted this ^10 glaze for
those who requested it. "D" drive crashed. I inherited it from
my son who got a new computer for Christmas...well actually, I inherited his
whole system (my lap top has been out of comission for some time and I've
been using his system) Well, the D dirve crashed taking with it...all his
old games and all my clayart and netscape. My hardware guru from Cal
Berkeley held my hand and talked me through it while I took my machine apart
and disconnected my D drive, redid all my system files (Since he originally
configured them on my son's machine, this was very complicated and, of
course, no documentation), and then reinstalled netscape and my provider's
software. I lost a whole day to one lousy capital letter (I didn't know
unix based systems can't handle them and my provider is now on a unix
platform) Well, I'm embarrassed. My face is red, but here is the glaze WITH

This has been fired in reduction but I suspect it will work in oxidation.
If anybody tries it in oxidation, please let me know the results. I love
this stuff as an accent. It has a long firing range, I suspect ^9 - ^11.
It's very forgiving, very stiff and should go on just fine as a light cream
consistency dipped.

Potash feldspar: 39.05
Dolomite 12.92
colemanite 5.79
Magnesium carbonate 2.36
Zinc oxide 1.13
Kaolin 9.42
Flint 29.33
Cobalt oxide .5
Chrome oxide .5
Bentonite .3

Peace and long life....and yes, it's raining but I saw two rainbows
yesterday while cleaning porch # 1 with mildicide Emily