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updated sat 31 may 97


Jean Lehman on tue 13 may 97

When I teach adults or kids, the final class is spent glazing, having
general discussions, talking about ideas for the next class, etc. The next
week they all students (from all classes) come back at the same time to
pick up their pieces and see each other's work. (technically after the
classes have ended) I display the pieces like a gallery exhibit with each
person's work together. We have a positive mini-critique -- we look at
glaze applications and combinations that really worked and try to figure
out what might have gone wrong on other pieces. They love it -- kids AND

My kid classes last six weeks (1.5 hours a week) and I charge $60 per child
(maximum 5 kids). Adult classes are eight weeks (3 hrs once a week, maximum
6 in each) and I charge $185 but give a $10 discount if they prepay one
month in advance. (That has helped a LOT in getting the classes firmed up
well ahead of time, and gives me time to round up others if they aren't
full.) The materials fee is included in the overall class price, but I do
set a maximum number of pieces at 20 after which they pay about $.10 per
square inch per piece. In general, if the person is a beginner, they make
fewer pieces compared to the experienced who make more.

When the classes are full, I do better, financially. My very minimum
break-even point is with three classes, four students each. (However, I
haven't figured it out lately, so I could be low.) I supply all the tools,
pay the overhead, etc. but it is my studio; I don't have to pay a percent
to anyone else. I have a lot of repeat students some of whom have taken for
15 years! Thanks mostly to this list and new books, I do manage to teach
come up with new information in each class which always amazes them.

The adult classes are unstructured, with demo each time. The kids classes
are more controlled, with a handbuilding project for each week.

If anyone wants more info, just e-mail me personally.


Jean Lehman, in Lancaster, PA
j_lehman@acad.FandM.EDU (that's an _underscore_ not a hyphen)
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