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tax query (electricity & kilns)

updated tue 30 apr 96


Levine Meg Jessica on mon 15 apr 96

Jean - I am wondering how accurate the formula is to figure out how much
electricity a kiln uses. I am asking because my studio is in an
industrial area where I am on the same meter as two other businesses.
My new kiln will be in this week and I want an accurate
way to figure out how much electricity it uses when firing. I have been
debating whether or not to put an electric meter on the kiln...(not a
separate Public Service Utility meter...just one for the kiln...)
Thanks, Meg

Jean Lehman in Lancaster PA wrote:

There is a formula for figuring how much electricity a kiln u
ses. If nobody
else posts it, let me know and I will find it. But basically I keep records
of when and how long I fire. Then I use the formula to figure how many
btu's it uses. In reality I think it ends up looking like more than it is,
because it figures all the hours at the same amount per hour. I start with
the lower element on low for several hours and that gets calculated at the
same amount as on high. For tax purposes I figure it doesn't matter and is
defendable because of the firing log. :-)