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summer japanese ceramics workshop

updated wed 30 apr 97


Richard mahaffey on wed 9 apr 97

Hello clay arters,

las Vegas was great, but tiring. Anyway, at Tacoma Community College we
are repeating our successful workshop on Japanese and American ceramics.

It will be two weeks long. Professor Fumio Shimada of Tokyo National
University of Fine Art and music will bring 10 students of graduate and
senior levels to TCC to work on ceramics the workshop has space for 10
particiopants from the US to work with the Japanese students.

Professor Shimada will demonstrate Japanese throwing techniques,
anddecorating techniques. Rick Mahaffey of TCC will demonstrate some
American throwing techniques and Saggar firing. There will be slide shows
of Japanese ceramics, American Cermaics, and Workshop participants.

Firings will include cone 10 oxy and Reduct., low temperature saggar, Raku
(American Style),and who knows what.

The purpose of this workshop is cross-pollination and communicication.
Professor Shimada wants his students to experience the "American Way of
thinking about clay", and wants to share Japanese ceramic techniques with
American students.

The dates are July 21 -August 1 ( welcome party is tentitively scheduled
for July 20.

i will report cost as soon as we can set it. Credit is available for this

There will also be some optional activities such as a trip to Bellevue for
the 51st Pacific Northwest Arts and Craft Fair,a trip to Mount Rainier,
and a Kayak trip on August 3 on Puget Sound (extra cost).


Rick Mahaffey, Art Department,
Tacoma Community College, 6501 so 19th St, Tacoma, WA
98466, USA. 206-566-5260, fax 206-566-6012