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summer cone 6 course

updated sat 31 may 97


Ron Roy on thu 29 may 97

May 28, 1997.

Ron Roy will be instructing two cone 6 glaze courses this summer at
Canadore College.

Included will be mixing and firing glazes designed using glaze calculation
software. Each student will learn to use the software and will design at
least two of their own glazes. The course will cover all aspects of glaze
design and a 30 page "book" is included which covers the following

Ron's current material analysis including frits and clays.
Limit formulas.
A description of the role of basic oxides use in glazes.
A basic description of glazes faults and their cause.
A step by step account of what happens as clay and glazes are fired.
A step by step description of what happens to clay and glaze as a kiln cools
Glazes test preparation
Testing methods for assessing clay and glaze fit.
All methods of calculating glazes without a computer.
A method for calculating expansion from materials.
Glaze durability & hazards.
Recommended texts.

The first week - June 30 to July 4 - is a beginner course - no experience
with computers is necessary - none at all. In fact I guarantee you will be
doing you own glazes on the computer in two days.

The second course - July 7 to July 11 - is a similar course but
incorporates more advanced techniques such as designing glazes for colour
and texture. No computer experience necessary!

I was amazed at the how quickly the students caught on to using the
computers and software last summer. On the last day - after most of the
students had gone home the glazers were still hard at it in the computer

The fee for either course is $139.00 Canadian and a lab fee of $30.00
Residence fees are $96.30 Can. for a single room in 6 room town houses.

Canadore College is 200 miles north of Toronto in NorthBay, Ontario.

If you need more information - here I am.

Ron Roy
Toronto, Canada
Evenings, call 416 439 2621
Fax, 416 438 7849
Studio: 416-752-7862.
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