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summer camp for kids

updated fri 31 may 96


Claudia Louise Palermo on mon 13 may 96

I will be teaching at a day camp this summer, for kids k-8. I am a
full time high school teacher who is used to seeing her students every day
for 45 minutes. Most of the 'cool' projects I have developed for my
students are those that take several class periods if not several weeks.
I am looking for some neat clay projects for younger kids that can be done
in a class period (40 min) or two. Something that will keep Camp Kids
motivated. ANY IDEAS?

Claudia Palermo: email address:

Sherry McDonald on mon 13 may 96

I have worked with kids in many areas of art. I try to keep it broad, for
maximum expression. One favorite for kids is doing sidewalk art with those
wonderful prang large round vivid chalks. You can do geometry with them, or
just give them each a large square. It is sure fire fun! Also, go to a local
wood craftsperson, and get scraps for free (I always get free stuff) and get
elmers glue. Let them make sculptures. Buy some chalkboard paint, and paint
the sculptures, then they can experiment with design on 3 d objects. Mostly
what you need are kids, and materials, They are perfectly capable of doing
the rest. Sit back and learn!! It will blow you away.sher