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styrofoam supports inside piece

updated sun 31 aug 97


Marcia Selsor on fri 1 aug 97

My experience with watching students put rigid supports inside work
cracks the piece as it dries. Styrofoam is toxic when it burns. Don't
fire it in your kiln.
I also am in the process of building a hollow tube arch. Why don't you
let the clay "set up to leather hard" before attaching it. You wouldn't
need the styrofoam.
Marcia in Montana

KATHLEEN hill wrote:

> ----------------------------Original
> message----------------------------
> I am wondering if I can use styrofoam supports inside a clay
> sculpture
> and fire the piece with the styrofoam inside? (Electric kiln
> ^06-^04) I
> am building a kind of hollow arch form and have some chunks of
> styrofoam
> bracing inside as I build. I'm not sure I will be able to get them all
> out!! (Kind of " boat in the basement" sort of thing). I am going to
> have to cut it to fit it in the kiln and hope I'll be able to fish
> pieces out then if I have to. Anyone have any experience with this or
> suggestions for alternative materials for support?
> Kathy

Marcia Selsor