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stubborn ^6 cones

updated sat 31 may 97


ELIZABETH S. ANDERSON on thu 15 may 97

I fire to cone 6 electric with cone 7 in the sitter. The sitter cone
bends to the perfect angle; the cone 6 standup cone stays upright. Cone
06 sitter and standup cones perform just fine.

A few months back a post informed of a change in Orton cones, but either
I didn't save the post or have lost it. Could someone repost or e-mail a
response to me privately? I need to figure out what's going on! Would
prefer it to be Orton's formula rather than my kiln needing adjustment...

Many thanks.

Elizabeth Anderson

Suzanne Storer on sat 17 may 97

Call Orton and tell them the situation. I had a similiar problem once and
Orton told me that the old cones I was using were not in sink with their
current temperature equivalents. They sent me some replacement cones.
Suzanne Storer