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stones in clay (or how to make an easy 5 gal bucket sieve)

updated fri 28 feb 97


Tracy Wilson on mon 10 feb 97

How about taking two 5 gal sheetrock buckets and cutting the bottoms off
both. Take a piece of hardware cloth about 6 inches wider than the
diameter of the bucket's base. Turn the first bucket upside down, lay the
hardware cloth over that (centered and a little bent) and slowly and
carefully insert the second bucket on top of that so the screen is
sandwiched between the 2 buckets. Next, put a board (or something you can
stand on that will span the diam.) on this entire upside-down contraption
and stand on it to completely compress the unit together. Voila! a sturdy
bucket sieve PS try at your own risk.
Tracy Wilson
Saltbox Pottery
RR3 Box 749, Rte. 1
Woolwich, Maine 04579