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state road signage (was re: wholesale...)

updated fri 31 jan 97 on fri 10 jan 97

Hi Margaret,
Vermont has a similar system, since we have a law prohibiting billboards.
Businesses "rent" each sign from the state transportation agency for about
80.00 each per year. The state makes them, puts them up and maintains them.
businesses must get the okay from neighbors on the placement of the signs.
Businesses can use their own logo or picture in a specific space on the sign
and also use their own wording. You must be OFF a main highway to get signs.
I've had 2 signs for many years and they help my tourist trade immensely.
The only exception to the ban on private signage is for the agricultural
community, which can put up their own signs for farm stands, maple syrup
sales, etc.
Jennifer in VT

Margaret Arial on sat 11 jan 97

Jennifer in Vt. thanks for the feedback on the signage.What kind of an
operation do you have? Is there any fear of being somewhat isolated by such
artists such that an unwelcome stranger could be a threat or at least a
bother? We are getting prepared to open our business to the public and with
some of the crime these days we could be asking for trouble.I am torn as I
tried it briefly long ago and a workman wandered into my home and i was alone
and I do not think art was on his mind.Somehow my neighbor saw him and came
over conveniently and he left without incident but i I didnot continue.We
are further out in the country this time.Anyone have any tips short of
weapons? on sun 12 jan 97

Margaret Wrote
Hi Margaret,
I've never had any problem with people coming into my studio. No dangerous
situations at all. The ideal situation is to have a sign at the end of the
driveway saying open or closed: that way they leave without getting out of
the car if you're not there. I've had people miss my closed sign on my door
and come into the studio when I'm not there. But actually I've had people
leave money for pots they've taken, along with thier name and phone number!
Once I was alone in my studio and this HUGE brawny guy in hunting clothes
came in and was looking at pots. Not exactly my usual customer profile......
I got nervous, but he ended up being a real sweet heart with a true love of
pottery and a check book to back up that love. I live in a very safe rural
area with low crime. My studio is in my walkout basement. I make everything
myself and have occasional assistants. I don't keep rigid hours, but tell
people to call first or try to find my on a hit ir miss basis. I know this
doesn't seem businesslike, but I can't stand staying in the studio on a
beautiful sunny day when the snow is perfect for skiing, like today! The
worst thing about customers is they always ring the doorbell when you're just
about to sit down for a cup of tea, or in the middle of making
dinner.......If I was better about changing my open and closed signs, this
wouldn't be so much of a problem.
Jennifer in VT on her way out to SKI!