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specific gravity...again

updated tue 30 apr 96


Jonathan Kaplan on mon 15 apr 96

I'd like to, again, commend Don K on his excellent post as well as his more
than excellent research. There's alot of pottery faux knowledge floating
around there and it is indeed quite good to have someone with Don's
experience on the list.

I'd be ceramic history if I depended on a hydrometer for accurate SG
readings. We can debate the principles for as long as we care to, but I'm
willing to bet that those guys at the commercial potty plant would laugh if
we showed up with a hydrometer to check SG.

We cast white clay and dark clay, all over the temperature scale, and I'd
put my SG readings which are done by weight every day against anything a
hydrometer could possibly read. I've wondered how, in the Laguna catalog
they wax eubulently about hydrometer readings and SG. With all due respect,
I'd consider that some rather heavy mis-information.

Just a thought.


Jonathan Kaplan

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