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soda ash in paper clay???

updated fri 31 jan 97


Russel Fouts on sat 18 jan 97


>> I dissolve paper in 5 gallons buckets with
a dash of soda ash for good measure. <<

Why the soda ash?

Russel (Curious in Belgium)

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Marcia Selsor on sun 19 jan 97

Dear Russell,
I use soda ash becasue that's what one uses when breaking down natural
fibers when making paper out of natural fibers such a cat tails.I just
thought of adding it for good measure. I use linter sheets for paper
pulp. Perhaps it isn't a good idea to break the fibers down too much
which would defeat the asset of adding dry to wet or vice versa. I use
paper clay mainly as a filler to lighten the weight of large slabs in
Macia in Montana

Russel Fouts wrote:
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Marcia Selsor