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slips/engobes/terra sigs

updated tue 31 dec 96


nancee meeker on sun 22 dec 96

Can someone please explain the difference between:
terra sigillata?

Very simplified:

A slip is a watery clay.

Both engobes and terra sigillatas are 'types' of slips.

Engobes can be formulated to go on any kind of clay-- at most any
temperature-- on most any wetness or dryness of clay. They are used for
texture and color, alone, or under a clear or transparent glaze.

Terra sigillata is a slip made of super fine particles of clay that will
take a burnish. It means "sealed earth", (not from the burnishing as I
always thought, but from its origins).

The original terra sigillata clays, thought to have medicinal qualities,
were dug on the island of Lemnos on August 6th of each year. The clay was
put into containers and then , thus the name.........

My best terra sigs have come from clays that I have found near obvious
volcanic sources ....... specifically Hawaii and Turkey. But other
colorful and naturally refined clays have come from streams, ponds, and
rivers around the country.......