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silicond carbide and reduction

updated fri 28 feb 97


John L Worner on tue 25 feb 97

In the book "Glazes" by Emmanuel Cooper (in the Complete Potter series),
Mr. Cooper states:
"In electric kilns reduction be achieved in the glaze by the addition of small
amounts of silicon carbide. A powerful flux such as calcium borate frit or
borax frit is needed to break down the silicon carbide while the glaze also
to be sufficiently fluid to allow the gas formed to be released if a smooth
is required.

Rich Deep Red (2300F)
Soda Feldspar 52
Calcium borate frit
or gerstley borate 10
Whiting 15
China Clay 5
Flint 18
+ Copper Carb. 0.5%
Tin Oxide 1%
Silicon Carbide 0.5%

I have not personally tried this. Have fun whomever wants to....

Anne Worner