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sieving fire clay - source for screens

updated fri 31 jan 97


Rick Malmgren on sat 4 jan 97

The last batch of Hawthorn Fire Clay that I bought has some calcium
particles that I am concerned may cause lime pop outs. So, I am sieving
all of the clay. I have done it before using a 30 mesh metal sieve over
a trash can, and it goes reasonably fast, about 200 lbs per hour.

I would love any suggestions that anyone might have to simplify the job.
Bluebird used to sell an auto-sieve some years ago, but I don't think
that they do any more. I have seen a vibrating sieve sold by the
Potter's Shop that seemed designed to fasten to a 5 gallon bucket. It
seemed mainly designed for glazes.

Is there an inexpensive mechanical sieve that anyone knows of? Are there
places to rent a power sieve for part of a day?


Rick Malmgren
Severn, Maryland USA

Akita-jin \"Lee Love\" on sun 5 jan 97


Would a Talisman sieve speed things up? I bought one this
winter for ash glazes & Love it. They are made in New Zealand, where
my son just moved to.


/(o\ Lee Love In St. Paul, MN Come see some pixs of my AkitaPup:
\o)/ "You can observe a lot by watching."
.. -Yogi Berra- on mon 6 jan 97

Rick-We use a large vibrating sieve here at Highwater but they are expensive
and not practical for studio use. What about trying the 50 Mesh Hawthorn
instead of the 35?