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show honors

updated mon 30 sep 96 on sat 14 sep 96

Congratulations to one of OUR GANG, Eleanora Eden! According to a post
from Dannon Rhudy, her cauldron won an honorable mention or special
citation. Wonderful!

We are all waiting for the website so we can see what your work looks like.

Bacia Edelman

Eleanora Eden on sun 15 sep 96

Hi Elca and all,

I really do have Clayart to thank for this. If it hadn't been for this
list for starters I wouldn't have known about this show and more
significantly I wouldn't have felt moved to go for it. I have plenty on
my plate just feeding the family and keeping life and limb together
(since I was on crutches for 3 months this year that is more than just a
manner of speech).

So I cannot wait for all of you to see and enjoy my oh-so-precious pot
and I will run out to the studio where I am working on brothers and
sisters for it for a new show application.

Eleanora...where it is sunny out and we went to a Richie Havens concert
last night in the metropolis of White River Junction where there was
hiding upstairs in an old hotel a brand new theater with 250 seats.
Boy were we delighted! He was so amazing, Nicodemus with a guitar,
a rock and roll prophet.

Eleanora Eden 802 869-2003
Paradise Hill
Bellows Falls, VT 05101