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shipping 101.. so it gets there in one piece.. (re: ups)

updated fri 28 feb 97


Talbott on mon 17 feb 97

No.. I am not a big time shipper... But as far as shipping (the
packing part) I just try to cushion things so that the merchandise is
protected on all 6 sides.. A small box in a bigger box is a good way to
think of it... I often use bubble wrap as part of the layering system. Two
layers of bubble wrap..held in place with tape.. and then a fairly stiff
cardboard outter layer...fill in the open spaces with old balled up
newspapers.. write fragile...pottery.. on the outside of the box. If
those outside surfaces are not well cushioned then one sudden hit on that
side of the box and that could cause breakage. Those boxes believe me are
thrown around during shipping, regardless of the "Fragile" signs on the
box. Think of the pottery as a person inside of a bumper car and think of
the packing and box like the bumper car. This system usually works with
pottery as I have never had pottery to be damaged in shipping... I usually
"over do it" according to Celia. And unfortunately it does require more
time and money (bubble wrap is expensive) than I like to spend on such
things but it is a necessary part of business... You asked for it... and
that is my 3 cents worth on that!!! If anyone has a less timely method
then please let us here from you...

Best Wishes... Marshall

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>I'm glad you have had such good luck with shipping ups. Do you ship alot? I
>haven't done much & what I've done has been ok too, However, all of us have
>grown up hearing about these horror stories so we know it does happen.
>Anyway, this leads to a new question re the clayarters first annual. Should
>we perhaps have the consignment forms prepared in advance & have our copy on
>hand in case of problems? Of course I'm optimistically hoping that all my
>work will sell out & there won't be any need for return shipping, but I am
>wondering about getting the work there. Maybe we all could use a course in
>shipping 101. You asked for it... and that is my 3 cents worth on that!!!
>Carol Ratliff

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Kris Griffith on tue 18 feb 97

I have only done a limited amount of shipping, but never had any problems. =
wrap my things in cheep disposable diapers, they work great, come with their=
self stick tape and they are reusable (either for more pots or for babies) =
are just the right size for mugs=21 There are variable sizes available =


Martha Muzychka on thu 20 feb 97

Hi all,

I have shipped lots of stuff (notably household contents from Ottawa to
St. John's. You name it I mailed it : tv, stereo, crystal glasses,
pottery teapots, 16 by 20 pictures framed with glass).

The trick is to pack as tightly as you can so the piece doesn't move.
Popcorn and newspaper. If you are near a printing company that has ends of
newsprint, you can usually get it quite cheap and don't have to worry
about ink. Tha other thing I do is anything that is hollow (ie cups, mugs
teapots et cetera) I stuff inside with tissue paper. That way there is no
where for the sides to go.

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