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shimpo wheelhead: the answer

updated wed 30 apr 97


Jan Lipuma on sat 26 apr 97


Good news for you.

Kickwheel Supply of Atlanta (800-241-1895) has a tool that removes the hex
nut holding the wheelhead of the Shimpo. It is a 14" long, 8mm metal hex
with a t-handle. This gives enough leverage to loosen the nut and although
my Shimpo must be 20 years old, the tool unscrewed that nut with no
problem. The splashpan (the large one) that I got has a hole in the side
at just the correct height to insert the tool through the hole for
replacing the hex after positioning the new splashpan on the wheel shaft.

Christine at Kickwheel had the foresight to know I would need this tool
when I was ordering a splashpan (this wheel had never had one on it and
that was quite a process because the first one --a smaller two piece pan --
would not fit and it had to be sent back) . It is not mentioned in their
catalogue and I now realize how indebted to her I am for including it in my

I regret not being able to get this info to you earlier. All of April has
been spent trying to be of help to my mother while my stepfather lay dying.
Now the wheel has come full circle and I turn again to healing, to making,
to a new day.

Janice Lipuma
Blue Moon Studio Pottery
Lexington KY