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updated mon 30 jun 97


Dan Wilson on tue 24 jun 97

The AGPG? "They came through town drumming up support on the backs of big
grey elephants. Each of them was holdin the tails of their respective
pachiderms and smilin and wavin at the crowd as they marched through town
toward Battersbee field( that was before it blew down in that Holloween
windstorm that was so bad years ago) where they ended up in one great
circle of pitched tents and campfires. Being younger then, I was
enthusiastic about all this commotion raised in the name of art so I made
sure I hung around so I could catch a word or two from the ones who
expounded on the virtues of this thing or that. And I'll never forget when
whats his name picked me out of the crowd and threw talc in my direction.
He laughed as I applauded and offered me a chance to contribute to the
general discussion but, being a shy one, I declined. I did hang around for
awhile after dinner though and watched as they began their ritual dance
around the fires. It was a sight! Each of them painted their faces white,
donned funny hats and three- button robes. Thier leader began the
proceedings by performing the traditional inversion and chanting three
times- beauty, beauty, beauty. Then the drums began a slow rythmic pounding
and the chourus began a barely perceptable humming and the avant-garde
,they raised first one arm and then another as they slowly circled round
the elephants who were trying to get some sleep. The drums picked up their
pace and the dancers followed suit and pretty soon, as smoke filled the
sky, it appeared that they'd begun to float untethered and their
bi-syllabic chanting (beau-t, beau-t, beau-t...) rose above them and the
drums beat faster and they flew in all directions and... and the elephants
slept fitfully and I was transported, so to speak. Anyway, the next day I
made up a pot to commemorate the whole idea. You can see it at: