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sfpn awards

updated fri 15 may 98


Jean Lehman on sun 4 may 97

We are pleased to announce the awards for this year's SFPN.
All were selected by Val Cushing except as noted in the last three cash awards.

1997 Strictly Functional Pottery National CASH Awards
(Name of Award) (Awarded by:) (Awarded to:)
Best of Show - PA Guild of Craftsmen: Neil Patterson

First Place - Standard Ceramic Supply: Todd Wahlstrom

Second Place - In Memory of Ted Randall: Brad Johnson

Third Place - Market House Craft Center: Steven C. Rolf

Juror's Choice
Bailey Pottery Equipment: Will Ruggles & Douglass Rankin
Ceramics Monthly: Marsha Owen (Casserole)
Clay Times: Julia M. Galloway
Del Val Ceramics: Diane Rosenmiller
Skutt Ceramic Products: Matthew Metz

Honorable Mention
Penn-Mo Fire Brick Co: Robert Moore
Market House Craft Center: Stanley Mace Andersen
Market House Craft Center: Mary Louise Carter
Market House Craft Center: Josh DeWeese
Market House Craft Center: Barbara Knutson
Market House Craft Center: Brad Tucker

Founder's Award for Functional Design: Steven C. Rolf
Selected by Scott R. Jones, founder

Director's Award for Form and Function: Darby Ortolano
Selected by Jean B. Lehman, director

Zimmerman, Pfannebecker & Nuffort Award: Linda Sikora
Selected by Robert Pfannebecker

1997 SFPN Merchandise Awards

(Given by:) (Merchandise given:) (Awarded to:)
Amaco: $100 gift certificates Nicholas Seidner
Marie Deborah Wald

Creative Industries: $50 gift certificate for bats Theresa Yondo

Giffin Tec., Inc. Giffin Grip Sarah Jaeger
Kristen A. Kieffer

ITC: Kiln Repair Kit, value: $125 Eleanora Eden
Karen Gringhuis
John Tilton

Laguna Clay Co.: $200 gift certificate Diane Kenney

Orton Firing Institute: Membership Lynne Smiser Bowers
Steven Roberts

Penn-Mo Fire Brick Co. $50 gift certificate John McCoy

For more information, contact me directly.


Jean Lehman, in Lancaster, PA
j_lehman@acad.FandM.EDU (that's an _underscore_ not a hyphen)

Jean Lehman on thu 14 may 98

I usually post the award winners from the Strictly Functional Pottery
National... they were all selected by Cynthia Bringle from the actual
pieces with the exception of the four asterisked pieces which were selected
by the individual or group giving the award.

Best of Show ($500) from Standard Ceramic Supply Co
Shannon Williams for her stoneware Watering Can

First Place ($300) from the Market House Craft Center
Mary Barringer for her stoneware Black and White Platter

Second Place ($250) from Randall Pottery
Gail Kendall for her terra cotta Tureen

Third Place ($200) from Bailey Pottery Equipment
John Troup for his porcelain Faceted Red/Green Jar

Juror's Choice: ($200) from the PA Guild of Craftsmen
Mark Shapiro for his stoneware Bottle

Juror's Choice: ($100) from Ceramics Monthly
Aysha Peltz for her porcelain Vase, which will be added
to the CM Permanent Collection

Juror's Choice: ($100) from Clay Times
Patrick Dougherty for his earthenware Serving Bowl

Juror's Choice: ($100) from Del Val Potter's Supply Co.
Marsha Owen for her stoneware Sushi Set: Four Place Settings

Juror's Choice: ($100) from Skutt Ceramic Products
Shirl & Jim Parmentier for their stoneware Coil Vessel

Honorable Mention: ($50) from the Market House Craft Center
Peg Malloy for her porcelain Altered Bowl

Honorable Mention: ($50) from Penn-Mo Pottery
Christine Kunze for her Untitled earthenware place setting

*Potter's Information Group Award: ($150)
Will Shynkaruk for his stoneware Teapot and Tea Jar

*Founder's Award for Excellence in Functional Design ($50) from Scott R. Jones
Kathryn E. Narrow for her porcelain Small Vase

*Director's Award for Form and Function: ($100) from Jean B. Lehman
Robert Archambeau for his stoneware sandblasted Covered Jar

*Zimmerman, Pfannebecker & Nuffort Award: ($100) from The Law Offices of
Zimmerman, Pfannebecker & Nuffort
Josh DeWeese for his porcelain Liquor Set

$100 gift certificate for merchandise from Amaco
Betsy Rosenmiller for her porcelain Salt and Pepper Set

$50 gift certificate for bats from Creative Industries
Brad Johnson for his stoneware Sugar Jar

Giffin Grip from Giffin Tec., Inc
Carl Erickson for his porcelain Teapot
Janice Rowell for her porcelain faceted Bowl #2

Kiln repair kits (value of $125) from ITC
Sam Clarkson for his porcelain Curry Service: Set of Jars
Suze Lindsay for her stoneware Ikebana Bowl
Errol Willett for his porcelain Bowl
Tony Winchester for his stoneware Facet Bowl

$200 gift certificate from Laguna Clay Co.
Matt Long for his porcelain Teapot with 4 Cups & Saucers

Membership in the Orton Firing Institute from Orton
Susan Filley for her porcelain Elegant Pitcher
Pete & Susan MacDougall for their porcelain Soy & Mustard Tray

Jean Lehman, in Lancaster, PA
j_lehman@acad.FandM.EDU (that's an _underscore_ not a hyphen)
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