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sfpn award corrections

updated fri 31 may 96


Jean Lehman on thu 2 may 96

I guess in my excitement over all the wonderful pieces my head and my
typing were NOT strictly functional. Please note these two corrections to
my earlier post. I have talked to Phyllis Blair Clark and this is correct.
(Whew!) I have marked the changes with two asterisks. Sorry. Jean

Fourth Annual SFPN AWARDS
Phyllis Blair Clark has made her decisions! She selected them all except
the ones that were awarded by individuals. There are $1500 in cash awards,
$1000 in purchase awards and over $1200 worth of prizes and gift
certificates from pottery suppliers.

I had the pleasure of working at the exhibit today and LOVED all the
positive comments. I was SO proud. AND I sold $1310 worth of the pieces!!!

The show is up and running on the internet in it's entirety. Check it out at

Best of Show: $300.00 (purchase award) Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen
William Shinn for his X-Vase.
First Place: $250.00 (cash award) Standard Ceramic Supply Co.
Malcolm Davis for his Oval Teapot.
Second Place: $200.00 (cash award) Market House Craft Center
Brian Van Nostrand for his Stoneware Jar.
Third Place: $150.00 (cash award) MHCC
Jack Troy for his Paddled Pot.
Fourth Place: $100.00 (cash award) MHCC
Jan Hoyman for her 24 inch Sunflower Platter.
4 Juror's Choice Awards $75.00 MHCC (cash awards)
Ben Culbertson for his Teapot.
Bill Griffith for his Oval Baking Dish.
Jeff Oestrich for his Fish Dish.
Lenore Vanderkooi for her Teapot.
10 Honorable Mention $50.00 (Laguna Clay Co., Standard Ceramic Co.,Penn-Mo
Fire Brick Co., and MHCC)
Linda Arbuckle for her Oval Platter.
Jim Connell forhis Green Carved Vase.
Diane Kenney for her Platter.
Lynn Lais for the Bowl.
** Dick Lehman for his Sideways Yaki Vase.
Ginny Marsh for her Casserole.
Ellen Shankin for her Pitcher.
Peter Sohngen for his 8 Sided Platter.
Brad Tucker for his Tall Vase.
Russell Wrankle for his Teapot.

The Collector's Award: $200.00 (purchase award)
Awarded by Tom Judy to Fred Johnston for his Fish and Bird Head Jars.

Excellence in Firing Technique: $200.00 (purchase award)
Awarded by Bob Stana to Vernon Owens for his Jar With Rope Pattern.

Zimmerman, Pfannebecker & Nuffort Award: $100.00 (purchase award)
Awarded to Ellen Shankin for her Pitcher

Excellence in Form & Function: $100.00 (purchase award)
Awarded by Jean B. Lehman, Project Director to Posey Bacopoulos for her
Beaked Pitcher.

Founders Award: $100.00 (purchase award)
Awarded by Scott R. Jones for Excellence in Functional Design to Sarah
Jaeger for her Teapot.

12 Prizes Awarded:
Dwain Naragon for Geometric Interplay. $100 gift certificate from Amaco
**Daphne Roehr Hatcher for her Red and Green Flower Platter. $100 gift
certificate from Amaco
Frank Pitcher for his baking dish. One Giffin Grip
Posey Bacopoulos for her Beaked Pitcher. One Giffin Grip
Barbara Donovan for her Serengeti Candlesticks. ITC Kiln Repair Kit, a $125
Deborah Shapiro for her pair of bud vases. ITC Kiln Repair Kit, a $125 value
Laura Nuchols for her Rubinia Blossom Teapot. ITC Kiln Repair Kit, a $125 value
Sandi Pierontozzi for her Chimney Cap Cruet Set. ITC Kiln Repair Kit, a
$125 value
Greg Schatz for his Breakfast Set. $100 gift certificate from Laguna Clay Co.
Gary Hulin for his Large Pitcher. $100 gift certificate from Laguna Clay Co.
Bonnie Seeman for her Cup, Saucer and Base. 1 yr. membership to The Orton
Firing Institute
Rand Heazlitt for his Woodfired Bowl. 1 yr. membership to The Orton Firing
Best "Packaging for Shipping" Award
from the Unpacking Committee, no monetary value but lots of good vibes :-)
Awarded to Greg Schatz for packing his Breakfast Set.