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sfigf handmade vs. sf acc

updated sun 31 aug 97


Kristin A Doner on sun 31 aug 97


I haven't done the SF ACC show, but only because the gossip I've heard
about it is that the wholesale sales are low, and the retail sales don't
up to usual ACC expectations. On the other hand, I attended the show this
year to look it over (always an excellent looking show), and spoke with a
of the ceramic artists there. They gave mixed reports from apathetic to

But I have done the SF International Gift Show, Handmade section twice
The first time I only had fine art, and had decent sales. The second time
I presented
a new line of gift-ware in addition to my fine art, and the sales were at
as good. Many of the buyers were surprised that I wasn't at the ACC show
starts on the last day of the SFIGF show), but that also worked in my
favor, since
I really stood out in the crowd. On the other hand, I have no idea how
many buyers
didn't attend SFIGF and went straight to ACC.

If you plan on trying SFIGF, be sure to have a strong gift ware line
since that's the
focus of the show.
Kristin Doner

On Sat, 30 Aug 1997 09:26:59 EDT Carol Jackaway
>Hi LeRoy,
> I was thinking of applying for the SF ACC show. Could you give me
>further thoughts on the show. What did you think of the wholesale
> What were the retail buyers buying? Any info would be helpful. I was
>thinking of doing the George Little Handmade in CA, have you done
>this one
>Carol Jackaway