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updated sun 31 mar 96 on mon 18 mar 96

Who/what gets into the Fletcher depends on that year's juror (of course) and
how they perceive that year's exhibit. The catalog will show you what's
accepted, and almost always Ceramics Monthly has a review of it. Everything
gets in, at sometime or another.

Of course some "ceramics" exhibits show mostly or only sculpture, or mostly
or only functional work. Some take a wider view, i.e., Ceramics USA, the
San Angelo
exhibit, and some others, and have work representing the best of
sculptural, functional, and/or vessels. Look at the prospectus, they
sometimes are quite specific about what will get in a given show.
Sometimes, not......

Lots of sculptors work in clay. Why be jealous? Do what YOU like.
Hippocrates said "Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting,
experiment treacherous, judgement difficult".