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satin white cone 6 ox./^6clear

updated fri 28 feb 97


JoAnn Axford on wed 12 feb 97

Hi Bob. Here is the clear I have been using: Gerstley Borate 43.7%,Kaolin
21.3%, and Flint 35%.. It is a nice easy formula but it does interfere with
many pink and purple underglazes ( I've been testing every brand I can find,
including making my own with mason stains) A couple of months ago, on this
list, it was suggested that the high percentage of gerstley was the problem.
It was suggested that it shouldn't be higher than 20%. A couple of
preliminary tests of new formulas and a couple of commercial glazes with the
same underglazes and the same claybody have been more successful with the
pink underglazes. I'll keep you posted. JoAnn Axford, near Albany