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updated mon 31 mar 97


Tom Gray on thu 13 mar 97

This past weekend, marked the 10th. annual North Carolina Potters
Conference. On Sunday, a salt/soda symposium was made up of Tracy Dotson of
Penland, NC, Norm Schulman of Penland, Jeff Oestreich of Taylors Falls, MN,
and Gay Smith of Bakersville, NC. The majorty of the panel agreed with Nan
Rothwell's findings, Thermal Ceramics K-23's are a very efficient way to
go. Norm Schulman also threw in his way of preparing shelves before firing
with salt. Norm sifts silica onto the shelves, runs his finger around the
edges, and places the pots on top of shelves sans wadding. The silica
scrapes off with a putty knife after firing. If you are interested in a
short article on the conference, check out
. There is an image of Jeff Oestreich
(featured guest), and one of his thrown, altered, and soda fired pitchers
on this page also.
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