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salt kiln design help?

updated wed 31 jul 96


bill bosworth on wed 24 jul 96

I am in Beaufort South Carolina trying to build a salt kiln. I would like
some help as far as design goes. I sort of know what I want but don't know
how many bricks to buy and what type of burners to use. I also want to know
a good supplier for kiln stuff. I want to fire with natural gas. I also
don't want to build a complicated kiln. If anyone out there has a good
simple salt kiln design, with about 15 cubic feet stacking space, please let
me know. THANK YOU! Heather Dixon on thu 25 jul 96

Cast it. Look up the old Studio Potter book. There are very explicit
directions on how to cast a kiln. Also, I believe there are castables mentioned
in Jack Troy's Salt glazed kiln. I have built several of these for workshops
in the West. In Rock Springs, Wyo. we used soda ash from the mines close by.
Interesting affects. I think casting is cheaper than quality bricks. But if you
use bricks you should put a castable layer with alumina on the inside to protect
Marcia in Montana