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salt firing equipment

updated sat 31 may 97


Elca Branman on fri 16 may 97

We have sold our house, and therefore have the following stuff for sale

We have 5 brand new kaowool sleeves for lining smoke stack,interior
dimension 81/2 plus 2 slightlt ly used ones/

They are available at 1/2 the presentprice plus shipping(they are light)

Also shelves in the following sizes, used in the salt kiln and they'd
have to be picked up here, in Stone Ridge New York,(70 miles below
Albany, 90 miles above NYC.

8 of 16x16x1 inch carborundum $10 each

12 of 15x16x1 inch carborundum $10 each

6 of 24x16 English stuff NOT used in salt $12 each

4 burners, variable pressure up to 25 lb silo burners $20 each

6 12" plate setters , used in salt $12 for all of them

E mail me at or call me at (914)687-0314
Elca Branman
Branman Potters ,Stone Ridge, N.Y.
in the Hudson Valley