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saggars an explanation

updated fri 28 feb 97


Richard mahaffey on thu 13 feb 97

Dear Vince,

It seems we agree Your post said:

"Of course the
sagger is always used to control the atmosphere around the wares. But
potters referring to "saggar firing" today are in fact using the saggars
exactly the oppotsite purpose as the traditional saggar use - i.e., to
expose the wares to a highly reactive atmosphere rather than to protect
from the kiln atmosphere." - Vince

My less than articulate explanation.
What would happen to all the combustable and volatile materials if they
were not protected from the kiln atmosphere along with the pots?

That we make a "dirty atmosphere by including stuff in the sagger is a
detail not the essence of saggar use IMHO. The fact that we create an
unpredictable circumstance (atmosphere) is a product of the fact that
our kilns are "too clean". (another detail)

I feel details are important but the essence is more so.

I hope this poor explaination helps.