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saggar protection

updated fri 31 may 96


hardy on wed 29 may 96

Hi, I'm sorta new here...I'm a student at SDSU and I have a question
about some pieces I made last semester.
I did a lot of Saggar stuff, for protection and a bit of a shine my
instructor said to use Future wax. I did use it and it worked fairly
well but I noticed a few spots where the color peeled off after the
wax application. I was wondering if anyone knew if those patches
could be repaired and if there is anything better to use for sealing
the saggar stuff. I heard someone say that spray fixative would work
well, has anyone tried this? Does it yellow or is it to glossy?
If anyone has any info about this I'd really appreciate it.

Also, one more thing. Are there any people out there local to San
Diego? Does anyone know if there are any places around where they
would rent out studio space, including a wheel. I won't be able to
attend summer school and have been told that I can't use their
facilities over the vacation but I'd really like to work on some
stuff anyway.
Thanks for your time everyone. This is a great group and I alway
learn a lot from you guys!!


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