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rps...go or no go

updated sun 31 aug 97


Ken Russell on fri 15 aug 97

>>Please send your opinion of using RPS as a carrier for pottery...

Marshal, I've never used them but I have two customers who refuse shipments
if RPS is used. They're both sorta high-endish galleries (they probably
have my functional thrown stuff for their blue light specials). They've
had a few nightmares with receiving chards instead of art work and RPS
didn't pay for their damages. A few other customers don't want USPS but
they've obviously lowered their standards while the strike is on. (Anybody
on the list a present or former USPS employee, PUT YOUR UZI DOWN!!! I was
only kidding about your low standards.)

I looked into using RPS but they're not taking anymore new customers per
their website (

I sure hope the strike ends soon. USPS in town only allows four boxes per
day per business. I have about forty boxes to ship in September. I'll be
driving all over hell's half acre to the small town post offices dropping
off four boxes at each place.

Ken Russell
The Arlington Pottery