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rps... do not ship with rps

updated sun 31 aug 97


Robert Delehanty on fri 15 aug 97

Check with them on insurance for ceramics.
I've just gone through an 8 month claim process
for a broken piece that was shipped from a
gallery that I had things on consignment. RPS
kept saying they would look into the claim and
call me back next week. A month would go by
with no answer. They said that they have a new
rule about NOT insuring ceramics. I was
somehow grand fathered in (as my shipment
was shipped in 1996) but they would not make a
decision. Finally after repeatedly badgering
them for months, they decided the packing was
insufficient and that I should make the claim
with the shipping company.

They are ok if you don't need them for anything
special. But, again, check on the insurance for

If UPS is every back, they seem the best in my

Rob Delehanty