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request info regarding teapot handles

updated sat 31 may 97


James Estes on tue 13 may 97

Would anyone have information on making your own bamboo teapot handles?
I would appreciate any information on techniques, materials and suppliers
of bamboo and wrapping materials used in the making of teapot handles.

Jim Estes

Tiggerbus on thu 15 may 97

Check with a local basket weaver...My friend who makes baskets is making
my handles for my teapots! In return, I am making "slips" for her baskets.
"Slips" are rings of fired clay that are glazed and have some underglaze
painting of flowers and such. They retail in her catalogs for $5.00 a
piece, and the handles that I need are not that expensive, but cost very
little to her, because she can make the handles for me out of her extra
little pieces that she cuts off!

Just an idea that I thought I would share!

Amy Gossett
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