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request for translucent maroon cone 6 (oxidation) recipe

updated fri 24 oct 97


Lee Sipe on tue 14 oct 97

Hi everyone:
I need help. I am sorry to say that I have lost one of my favorite glaze
recipes. I don't know whose recipe it was origianally, but it really comes
out nicely. The name is translucent maroon, cone 6, oxidation. I have used
this recipe for over two years, and am distraught that I can't remember the
ingredients. If you have it, I would be most appreciative of you sharing it
with me. Thanks.

Lee Sipe
Columbia, South Carolina

Tamsin A. Whitehead on wed 15 oct 97

Hi there! I have a recipe for this glaze that I got from Clayart a year
ago. I imagine it should be in the Clayart archives - have you tried this?
I won't be looking at my email for a couple of days, and can't get the
file today, but if you have no luck or answer by Thursday let me know and
I will dig it out.

Nottingham, NH

Liz Dodge on fri 17 oct 97

This glaze has been discussed on clayart previously. Its a really nice gloss
cone 6 oxidation maroon/dark red (despite the description). Darker where
thick, breaks to white where thin.

Kemp 17 Red/Pink/Purple/Mauve

Ingredient Percentage

Nepheline Syenite 16
Whiting 20
Gerstley Borate 21
Kaolin 11
Silica 32
Tin Oxide 5
Chrome oxide 0.15

Liz Dodge
Berkeley, CA