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reply on degussa stains & slips

updated fri 28 feb 97


Robert Speirs, M.D. 766 X4450 on mon 24 feb 97

To Sam in Hawaii and Kurt Unterschutz and anyone interested:

My slip recipe is:

Kaolin 30
Ball Clay 25 I have used this successfully at ^5-^10.
Feldspar 20 I also usually add about l Tbls. glycerin to a
Flint 25 300gm batch to aid in smooth application.

Some colorants I add:

Pink - DeGussa l0-l5%
Red - DeGussa @35%
Baby blue - cobalt carb 0.75
Grey blue - cobalt carb 2, RIO 2
Navy blue - cobalt carb 5, chrome 1
Black - cobalt carb 6, chrome 6, RIO 10 (I have not tried this but got
it from the recipe book at Oregon School of Arts & Crafts)
Olive green - chrome 6
Med. blue - cobalt carb l, rutile l

RE: the latest info on Clayart regarding DeGussa Stain (i.e. cadmium)
toxicity - I did not receive any such information when I bought the
stain either. I believed it was safe because it is ENCAPSULATED. I am
grateful to those who wrote to inform us.

Laura in Oregon