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repair broke bisique

updated mon 30 sep 96


katie rose on thu 26 sep 96

hi clayarters,

just got ready to glaze a small bisqued sculpture piece and a part of it
broke off! what would you experienced folks recommend for repairing it
before it gets glazed and goes into the raku kiln?

thanks much.

katie rose

katie rose

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Estelle Renberger on thu 26 sep 96

In my experience a repaired piece, sculpture or other type, would NOT be
suitable for raku.Any repairs would come apart with the thermal shock. I
use a paint/wax finish..non-fired..not my preferred "look" but it beats
tossing the piece into the garbage!!
Repairs are made with patching plaster...solid as a rock when dry.

Maggy Anfinson on fri 27 sep 96

I've never done raku work before so I'm not sure how to go about fixing
it.However, if I have a piece that brakes off I usually see if i can grind it
or sand it down and and go from there.I did recently experiment with a crack
in an underglazed bisque piece that I had spent hours on so I wasn't willing
to give up on it.I took a small dicarded bisque piece and used a file to file
it down to a powder. I than mixed it with my underglaze and "spackled" the
crack shut. I than fired it with the clear glaze and to my surprize it
worked! Now mind you it was a crack and I haven't tried it since, but who
knows it might work next time.