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updated sat 31 may 97


Paula Rubin on tue 20 may 97

A friend of mine would like to know if there is a class for repairing
old or new pottery and or ceramics.

Any reply's would be greatly appreciated.

Paula from S.Fl.

Sandra Dwiggins on wed 21 may 97

I don't know about classes, but I found an excellent book at the library,
newly published, on the subject. It has excellent photos, directions,
examples, and a very up-to-date section on types of materials available
for different types of repair. The book also has a "troubleshooting"
section which allows you to look up the type of ceramic material you
want to repair and what materials to use.

The title is something like--The Repair of pottery and ceramics. Straight
forward---it's in paperback. I saw it in the bookstore as well.

Hope this helps.