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refiring for red

updated sun 31 aug 97


Jean on wed 13 aug 97

Does anyone have experience refiring to get reds on a load that had just
started to turn? Somewhere I remember reading about refiring at a lower
temp.,but I can't remember at what cone. I think it was in Tichanes's book
on reds, but I may be wrong cause I often am. What would happen to a ^6 or
9 glaze if it only went to ^010 or so? Thanks for any help. Jean

Tom Buck on thu 14 aug 97

Jean: There was work done by a Miss Mees in Australia as part of her
master's program. She developed lowfire copper reds using frits. And she
determined that the critical temperature range was 750 - 800 degrees
Celsius. If she put the kiln into reduction at 750 C and continued up
to 800 C, she got burgundy reds. If she then put the kiln back into an
oxidation condition, and cooled from 800 C to 750 C she got apple greens.
She could repeat the firing exercise many times and achieve the same
results. I would conclude from this that yes, you can refire copper red
glazes repeatedly until you get a satisfying result, assuming the glaze
itself is suitable for such a colour effect.

Tom Buck )
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Colleen Rayner on fri 15 aug 97

Here is a glaze recipe that worked for me, it is from Ceramics Monthly,
Hobart Cowles Deep Gold Glaze ^5 ox.
4.3 Bone ash
21.3 Gerstley Borate
3.5 Lithium Carb.
56.7 Albany Slip Clay
14.2 Flint
7.1 Red Iron Ox.
notes: at ^5 a smooth gold haze over blue plum; refired at ^04, it is
rusty red.
I can't remember if I used Albany or Alberta slip but I kinda think it
was Alberta. I used it on a porcelain type clay and it was VERY nice,
transparent too. Just doesn't sit too well in the bucket, makes huge
crystals after awhile.