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re; crusader kiln

updated fri 28 feb 97


Bob Freitas on sun 2 feb 97

My Crusader 274s has had a rough life over nearly eighteen years of ^6
firings ( and more than a few bisques, and one or two over firings).
That, along with four or five moves has taken a toll. It's awaiting new
coils and some patch work on the floor, but it's been reliable all these
years, tho with the old coils it fired slooow!
The plug on yours needs to be replaced (knew that, didn't ya), I've
replaced mine twice, that being the easier solution than rewiring the
outlet. Try a plug for a welder. The ones attached to a drier are not
really suitable.
As for the price, depends on age and condition. Mine was around $700
when new (it's worth the price of new coils now).
Good luck.