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re :salt kiln literature

updated mon 31 mar 97


Molly Forman on thu 20 mar 97

Gavin, Monona, and anyone else interested,

Library of Congress records show that the last edition of the Brick and Clay
Record was published in June of 1987. It was then absorbed by the journal
Ceramics Industry.

Hope this helps.


Molly Forman

Library of Congress
Congressional Research Service
Education and Public Welfare Division

Gavin Stairs wrote:
> I wonder if you can give me some citations. I'm not familiar with the Brick
> Clay Record. Is that a current journal? <

Monona Rossol answered:
I believe the Brick and Clay Record died in the 1960's, but all the old
issues should be in any good Engineering library. I know the ceramics
industry started another similar publication, but its been so many years that
I can't come up with the name.