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randall wheelhead removal

updated sat 31 may 97


Malone & Dean McRaine on sun 11 may 97

When brute force doesn't work, you're not using enough!
I was given a Randall kickwheel (What a beauty!) that had been out in the
rain for 5 years, the splash pan was an algae farm. The wheel head was way
I pounded, pried, twisted WD-40'd, cursed, swore, prayed, and cried. Finally
I hooked chains around the edge of the wheelhead at three roughly equal
points and hoisted the whole thing an inch off the ground, stood on the
flywheel (I weigh 145 lbs) and beat on all available surfaces with sledge
hammer. The wheel head is aluminum so I used a block of wood in between so
as not to mar or crack it, but the steel parts I whacked straight on. That
wheel head came right off and hasn't given me any trouble since. I assume
no responsability if you try this nmethod.
Dean McRaine