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promoting your workshops

updated sat 30 nov 96


Catherine Vojtas on tue 19 nov 96

Hi, My name is Catherine and I'm one of the administrators of ArtScape, an
online arts resource at

We just opened up a searchable database of educational opportunities in the
arts, Unfortunately, at the moment, it's a little "light" on ceramics
events. So I wanted to extend an invitation for clayarters to list in it --
for free. If you'd like to send me information about workshops, lectures, or
demonstrations you are hosting or directing, we'd be happy to put them in
the database for our users to find.

The Arts Discovery Database (which at the moment has only watercolor classes
listed) is located at Feel free to surf
over and try it out. Any and all feedback is welcomed -- we'd like to make
this as accessible as possible.

If you email your information, please include:

- The name of the class/lecture, etc.
- City and State/Province where it will take place
- Instructor(s) name and URL is applicable
- Start and end date
- Description of the event, including techniques being demonstrated, cost to
participants, and any other information you'd like to include
- A contact name, address, and phone number (and email address, if
applicable) where people can get information about enrolling/participating

There's also a printed listing form available on the site if you'd care to
postal mail your entries instead, or share this opportunity with non-wired
friends --

The free offer is good until January 1. Eventually, this service will be
free to ArtScape members and paid "classifieds" for non-members.

Catherine Vojtas