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product liability/informing public

updated sat 31 may 97


Roeder on sat 10 may 97

Hello all,

This is just what I worry about in selling pots!

....Other than verbal instruction, and a little flyer included with
the pot
>sold, is there anything else that could be done to insure safe use later?

>The product information supplied with the piece is a good start, and very,
>very cheap insurance.
>Yes, there is further you can go. Simply put, the piece really has to
>"WORK". You have to make sure that the product is suited for the uses
>that a "typical consumer" would expect that product to fulfill. In a
>sense, it is not "going further" ....... it is the minimum you need to go.

I would agree that making a pitfired or raku piece that is a recognized
functional form, such as a teapot, mug, ceral bowl, casserole, pitcher,
would be "asking for trouble". But I fear that function is in the eye of the
beholder. While a goofy little tripod vessel may look non-functional to
me....who's to say that Aunt Betty won't put baked beans or salsa in the
darn thing!

A potter takes a risk, I suppose, every time he/she sells a pot. I love
making pots, but this whole selling thing (which I hate anyway) is further
complicated by liability. Just really takes the fun out of it for me :(

Perhaps I should make pit-fired forms that are completely closed save for
the tiny air hole. But then suppose someone decides to "play ball" with it
and it shatters!

I guess the CYA theory would be the best way to go...I'll look into the
insurance...but probably can't afford it. Very sad state we're in, I must

Candice Roeder
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Candice Roeder
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