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process vs product & pricing structure

updated sat 31 may 97


Cheryl L Litman on mon 12 may 97


I like your idea about the 6th week being an art show,clean up,
critique,sharing,etc. I've always been at odds what to do with the last
week. Do you glaze the last week and they have to come back and pick up
things which means we don't all get to see each others work. If you
glaze the next to the last week, what do you do the last day? I've
usually managed to have a few projects which require additions of other
media to complete, but I like this better. How do other people handle

Do you include materials in that $10/hour? I just started advertising in
a new town where a friend of mine opened a studio and I priced at
$8.50/hour and $20 materials fee (I pay 1/3 to the studio). I've
received some feedback that a number of parents feel this is too high?
Anyone else care to share what they charge for classes - children's and
adults? Do you include materials, how do you account for people who do
way more than you budgeted for? What's fair to pay to the studio where
you work. Who pays for firings, etc? Do you charge more for adult than
children's classes? Who supplies the tools? I'm still feeling my way
with pricing but I don't believe I'm trying to charge too much?

I must be doing something right for at least some of the parents/children
since I get repeats. Maybe it's a gradual weeding process to end up with
the type of students and parents who share your philosophies?