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updated tue 31 dec 96


Talbott on thu 19 dec 96

The cost of the clay has in reality little to do with the monetary
value of a piece of pottery... You could have a 200 lb. vase that could be
worth little or nothing if it had no artistic appeal and in contrast you
could have a small vase that weighes a pound or less that could
realistically sell or $40 or more. It is much like a painting... the size
of the painting has little to do with the value of it.... it is the quality
of the work... the appeal to the eye and to the touch that determines its
value.. And yes larger pieces with equally good artistic appeal do command
a higher selling price and this is obviously due to more labor, materials,
handling, kiln space, etc...but size in itself is not a sign of value.
(yes- I know).. Our mugs for example average about $18 each however,
every now and then one receives a "special gift from the fire" and its
value doubles, triples, quadruples, etc. and by the same token if it has a
glaze defect, etc.. its value likewise diminishes... Marshall

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Sorry, all ---I didn't put in the crucial thing---The cost of the amount of
>clay it takes to make a piece X3. So, if it takes $1.50 to make a
>piece--then the cost to you is $4.50.
>Maybe the person who first posted this is still on the list and can add
>something about shipping, etc.

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