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updated mon 30 sep 96


Daniel Stern on wed 18 sep 96

I would appreciate all help and advice I can get about how to price my pottery.
Also, I would be grateful for any advice about how to deal with galleries
particularly with regard to their percentage and my pricing. Thanks in advance
for the help. Jeni

Wendy Hampton on wed 18 sep 96

My experience in working with galleries is to establish a good relationship
with the owners so you can discuss the subject of pricing with them. I try
to determine what I want out of a piece then I will ask the gallery owner if
they can sell a piece at that price. Most galleries will know their market
range. Some will sell a lot in the lower price range ($10-100) and others
can sell higher priced items. If a gallery wants to try selling higher
priced items I usually will give them 6 months then remove the pieces if they
haven't had any interest.
My major problem has been the turnover of galleries. I had a gallery go out
of business without being notified. Make sure you keep in touch on a monthly
basis to see how they are doing with your work.
Good luck,
Wendy from Bainbridge Island, WA