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pricing dinnerware

updated mon 30 jun 97


Marni Turkel on sun 29 jun 97

I used to do a lot of dinnerware, and found that everyone has a different
idea of what constitutes a set of dishes. Some customers wanted serving
pieces, some didn't. Some wanted tea cups and saucers, some wanted mugs.
Place settings can range from 2 pieces to 10 or more per setting. Also,
there is a wide variety in what people think is the "proper" diameter of a
dinner plate. I found it easiest to clearly define what was to be in a
place setting and work out individual prices for each piece, and then come
up with the set price, depending on what was in a place setting, and how
many settings and accessory pieces were wanted.

Marni Turkel
Stony Point Ceramic Design
Santa Rosa, California