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pricing at wholesale show

updated thu 31 jul 97


Marni Turkel on sat 26 jul 97

I did the San Francisco ACC for about 12 years and thought of it as a
really good retail show (I do functional work) with wholesale as a bonus.
The wholesale buyers at this show are used to seeing retail prices. The
show management has standardized terms cards that you can fill in with your
terms and most buyers are used to looking for them. The other option is to
spend your spare hours on Thursday afternoon repricing all of your work for
the retail days. Better to take that time to rest and enjoy yourself a

Be sure you have hand-outs with your wholesale pricing, lots of buyers want
to think it over at lunch or in the evening or discuss it with a partner
who is canvassing the show also. Ask for a business card before you give it
to them. You are sure to get their name if you want to maintain a mailing
list and do a follow-up mailing. And if they aren't willing to give me a
business card (or explain to my satisifaction why not), they probably
aren't serious about my work and more likely they're not even in business.

Marni Turkel
Stony Point Ceramic Design
Santa Rosa, California